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We provide easy, low cost access to consumer credit information:

  • No minimum number of reports
  • Accessible to all businesses large and small
  • Clear and simple to use
  • Low annual account fee

Once your account is opened you will be able to search the entire database of UK consumers online. Our reports draw on the most comprehensive range of public and credit reference industry data and provide a proven credit score to enable you to manage risk effectively.

No Data Protection Registration?

To access personal data you must first be registered under the Data Protection Act. However, the process is quite straight-forward. Simply Contact Us and we can advise.

Open an Account

If you have a Data Protection Registration and know the number you can open an account now.

  • You can click here to Open an Account now, but please note you will not be able to draw reports until you have a Data Protection Registration number.
  • When you register we will send you a GDPR contract to sign and return.

Tenant screening, consumer checks, and employee vetting

  • Tips, resources and information about Tenant and Employee Checks and Screening for landlords and letting agents requiring tenant checking and business employers screening candidates as potential employees.






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