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To open an account you will require the following. For more information about why, click on the links:

Do not open an account if you have not got, and do not intend to get Data Protection Registration. Any payments made will not be refunded because of non registration.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Do not open an account if you are attempting to search your own credit file.

Before your account is opened your company will need to pass our due diligence, for which a non refundable fee of £75 + VAT is charged.

Please be aware that client accounts with an annual credit purchase of less than £200 will be subject to an annual fee of £15 + VAT.


Once your account is approved and opened you will be able to search the entire database of UK consumers online. However, you will need to choose and be approved for one of the following categories:

  • Check personal credit scores and credit status for a consumer credit check (You will need an F.C.A. registration)
  • Verify names and addresses for an I.D. check
  • Vet tenants for a tenant vetting search.
  • Screen employees for an employee check.

If you need further clarification about these terms please call our helpdesk on 0344 414 1353.
How to Pay
  • By credit card on our Secure Server using the form below.
  • To pay by cheque or BACS  please Contact Us before you complete the form below.
  • A VAT invoice will be sent by email.

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Consumer Check Reports

A full Consumer Credit Status Report includes:

  • Full name and address verification
  • Voters roll details (if subject has opted in)
  • Credit rating score
  • County court judgments
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency
  • Notices of Correction
  • History of previous Searches within the same category
  • View a Sample Consumer Check report


Consumer Checks Credits
1 Credits @ £12.50 each total £12.50 + VAT
5 Credits @ £6.50 each total £32.50 + VAT
10 Credits @ £6.00 each total £60.00 + VAT
25 Credits @ £5.50 each total £137.50 + VAT
50 Credits @ £5.00 each total £250.00 + VAT
100 Credits @ £4.00 each total £400.00 + VAT
250 Credits @ £3.55 each total £887.50 + VAT
500 Credits @ £3.00 each total £1,500.00 + VAT
1000 Credits @ £2.55 each total £2,550.00 + VAT
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