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How to Run Employee Checks

Employee screening checks are essential within many industries - and mandatory in others. A full employee check conducted through our service can help employers fulfil their legal obligations when hiring new employees, successfully safeguarding their company.

Employee screening is never more important than in situations whereby staff work within the financial sector, security, care industry or with other vulnerable members of society. However, it is equally good practice for any company in any industry to verify details about their employees, preferably prior to hiring them. After all, your employee might have sailed through their interview and have fantastic references but a full employment screening check might provide an entirely different (and perhaps worrying) picture. Whether you are a business owner, a manager or simply a staff member responsible for conducting employment screening checks, this article will outline the most efficient method of obtaining relevant information relating to new (and sometimes existing) employees.

What information can be obtained from running an Employment Screening Check?

You might have a good idea about the character of a prospective employee from their interview. Admittedly, face to face screening often appears an accurate way of assessing a person's strengths and weaknesses. However, a full Employment Screening Check is an excellent way of obtaining further information about any employee in addition to other 'in-house' verification. Not only will such screening checks provide employers with confirmation of the prospective employee's identity, nationality and immigration status, it will also verify their credit history and, perhaps most importantly, details of any criminal offences. This protects both the employer and the employer's clients - arguably essential for those working within sensitive industries.

How can you run an Employment Screening Check?

There are a number of online facilities which offer full screening checks on potential (and existing) employees. offer a full employment screening check service which is accessible 24 hours a day. The process is quick, easy and one of the only ways that employers can ensure they are dealing with the 'right' candidate. In fact, legislation surrounding the UK security industry dictates that companies remain compliant, conducting robust screening checks prior to hiring new staff (for more detailed information, visit the CPNI website).

Is it always essential for employers to conduct a full screening check on employees?

The easy answer is no - and this is true for those working in many different industries. However, it could be argued that a sensible employer (and one who has the interests of their company in mind) will ensure all prospective employees consent to having a full employment screening check conducted prior to being hired. After all, would you want an employee handling company money if, for example, they had a history of bad debts or worse, past criminal offences? Similarly, a full employment screening check could bring to light inexplicable gaps in the employee's history as well as confirmation of any qualifications not previously verified.

Whatever industry you work in, consider utilising the services of a reputable company who is able to conduct full Employment Screening Checks - if only for your peace of mind.



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